Ark Golem was a card concept made by Anthonydakindz on the 1st of March, 2017. It's an evolution of the original Golem. It was entered in the first CIT.


The thread was never updated. It is quite short for a card idea.

It was entered in the original CIT, where it was eliminated in the Judging Stage.

Thread Content

New legendary: The ark golem!

Hp: 2,000
dmg: 200
range: 3.5
targets buildings
alpha golemite level: 1
beta golemite level: 1
elixir cost: 9
spawn rate: 1 per 5 sec
speed slow
death area dmg: 200
Alpha golemite
hp: 800
dmg: 120
range: melee
death area dmg: 100
targets: ground buildings
speed: medium
Beta golemite
hp: 200
range: 3
speed: medium
dmg: 90
death area dmg: 50
targets ground and air
The ark golem is your maxed out purple with blue(or red) crystals on his back and arms. He spawns BETA Golemites every five second and will keep doing so until killed Hence the name ARK golem. This is the very first ranged golem, and it shoots a red(or blue) short-distance beam when he gets close to a building. When he dies, he splits into two ALPHA golemites. They are a little bulkier, so they only attack at melee range.
Unfortuneatly, (excuse my spelling) a bomb tower would DESTROY this dude.

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