Bemerry is a forumer that joined in March 2017. He is an expert balancer, sometimes referred to as the forum's card idea balancer. He is still an active forumer today.


Forum Biography


IFR Lead Group

Bemerry is an Elder in the IFR Lead Group. He has supported the group throughout his posts when the group was attacked, blamed, or in trouble (aka forumers calling rigged tournaments) . Bemerry has judged in CIT-III and has given the highest rating, (Defender - Score of 19) showing his good side (not normally there).

Balancing Shop

Bemerry's Balancing Shop is a place where he independently balances a card. He sometimes asks to balance a card if it has caught his attention.

Normally he just leaves his personal opinion on a card if he notices something off about it with its stats.

Card Ideas

The first card idea Bemerry made was the Air defense, whose link will not be provided, as it is terrible. It was well acclaimed for the stats, but the layout and design was terrible.

Card Ideas









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