The "End of IFR" Events is a group of events over time - mostly after September - that brought the IFR Subforum to its death. While it was killed on November 15th, when Supercell closed the CR Forums, its activity decreased over time due to several reasons :

-No more promising new forumers : While from January to April a lot of new recruits were interesting, making great ideas and being active in the subforum, after June, old forumers started to leave but no new forumers were joining. Instead, a flow of Fresh Spawns came on the subforum, increasing the amount of low-quality threads and decreasing the amount of high-quality threads.

-Forum Bans : Great idea makers like TheDankPrince or TheDarkPrince (those are two different forumers) were banned for different reasons. This further decreased the amount of high-quality threads in the subforum.

-No mod involvement : After months and thousads of ideas, moderators never added any idea from the IFR Subforum. A developer even said he was not going to pick ideas from IFR. IFRers were very disappointed with that and it made some of them leave the subforum.

-Pseudovalide's Ban : At the end of September, Pseudovalide was banned under the suspicion of a double account (it was later revealed that he had none, as he claimed). After his ban, the IFR Lead Group went into a hiatus and most active IFR forumers left the subforum / stopped making ideas. Activity in the subforum was crushed down and never went back up. See the Subforum Timeline for detailed information.