The Hall of Fame of IFR is a secret project made by the IFR Lead Group that was made to create a list of the most liked and popular card ideas over the subforum. The card ideas in the Hall of Fame would also be the cards automatically entered in a special event of the CIT Series, the Master's Cup Tournament. Unfortunately, after Pseudovalide's ban, the project was abandoned.

However, the card idea list is still here, and with the new forums that have been opened, the project could be revived with the IFR Lead Group.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is divided in multiple sub-sections, and a card may be in more than 1 section.

Hall of Fame : Top 20 Card Ideas in the subforum, by replies

1. Dragon Lancer, by Archmage101

2. Flame Sorceress, by NightmareX

3. Ninja, by Zygarde123

4. Ice Phoenix, by Ligimeon8

5. Frost Avian, by Ligimeon8

6. Dark Princess, by WubWub99

7. Bodyguard, by Pseudovalide

8. Snowball, by TheDankPrince

9. Dragon, by QFighter

10. Cosmic Tower, by Zygarde

11. Mercenary, by MrPancakeGuy

12. Spiritualist, by NightmareX

13. Illusionist, by Zygarde123

14. Dragon, by FireOison

15. Assassin, by EnderHunter8

16. Goblin Scrapper, by DrinkingSpace60

17. New Dark Princess, by BarbarosaDePosa

18. Dark Knight, by TheOneTheyCallSmasher

19. Yeti, by TheDankPrince

20. Dodos, by ButtMcCheeks

Hall of Fame : CIT Best Contestants

CIT1 : Winner + Finalist + Semifinals Contestants

Winner : Dragon Lancer, by Archmage101

Finalist : Dark Witch / Sorceress, by Rockabye

Semifinals Contestants : Venomous Siblings, by NightmareX    ///    Yeti, by TheDankPrince

CIT2 : Winner + Finalist + Semifinals Contestants

Winner : Outlaw, by Sammydict

Finalist : Frost Avian, by Ligimeon8

Semifinals Contestants : Spiritualist, by NightmareX    ///    Range Spell, by Bluballoon   +   Hydra, by SoumilDude

CIT3 : Winner + Finalist + Semifinals Contestants + Quarterfinals Contestants

Winner : Rainmaker, by Sammydict

Finalist : Enchantress, by TheOneTheyCallSmasher

Semifinals Contestants : Bodyguard, by Pseudovalide    ///    Gambit, by Sammydict

Quarterfinals Contestants : Elixir Bulb    ///    Elixir Golem    ///    Alchemist    ///    Dark Knight

Hall of Fame : Other winners of tournaments

IFR Mini Tournament : Gambit, by Sammydict

AUDRCIT : Mercenary, by MrPancakeGuy

Hall of Fame : Subforum Champion

Dragon Lancer, by Archmage101

Master's Cup (Tournament) : Contestants List

Idea Creator
Dragon Lancer Archmage101
Flame Sorceress NightmareX
Ninja Zygarde123
Ice Phoenix Ligimeon8
Frost Avian Ligimeon8
Dark Princess WubWub99
Bodyguard Pseudovalide
Snowball TheDankPrince
Dragon QFighter
Cosmic Tower Zygarde123
Mercenary MrPancakeGuy
Spiritualist NightmareX
Illusionist Zygarde123
Dragon FireOison
Assassin EnderHunter8
Goblin Scrapper DrinkingSpace60
New Dark Princess BarbarosaDePosa
Dark Knight TheOneTheyCallSmasher
Yeti TheDankPrince
Dodos ButtMcCheeks
Dark Witch / Sorceress Rockabye
Venomous Siblings NightmareX
Outlaw Sammydict
Range Spell Bluballoon
Hydra SoumilDude
Rainmaker Sammydict
Enchantress TheOneTheyCallSmasher
Gambit Sammydict
Elixir Bulb Anga24
Elixir Golem AlphaWizard125
Alchemist EnderHunter8