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The Ideas and Features Requests Leaders Group, more commonly known as the IFR Lead Group is a group founded in March 2017 by Pseudovalide that holds a large number of forumers who can - and want - to create ideas together or help other creators. This group became known because most active IFR forumers joined it, such as TheDankPrince, Archmage101, NightmareX, OperationGaming, Harishmadhavan, MrPancakeGuy, Bemerry, and many more. Even several banned forumers are still active to discuss on Discord. As of now, most of the group has migrated to Discord to speak, as it is a better place to discuss ideas than a forum.

The IFR Lead Group has multiple ranks and functions that are explained here :

  • Founder : The Founder of the group, Pseudovalide, is its permanent head and director. He chooses the Leader, can promote or demote anyone, and accepts/refuses members into the group.
  • Leader : The Leader of the group is the important figure of the group, having nearly the same powers as the Founder. The Leader can promote others up to Elder, and can add or remove members in the group. For the past 4 months, there were 3 Leaders in the group : Zygarde (March 2017-May 2017), Rockabye (May 2017-July 2017), and MrPancakeGuy (August 2017-present).
  • Co-Leader : The trusted few at this rank are able to ask to modify rules, speak as the group, create threads about the group, or ask to invite people to the group.
  • Elder : Members at this rank are very active and helpful. They cannot get kicked of the group for inactivity.
  • Member : Any new forumer joining will get this rank. They can get kicked for inactivity.

The CIT Series are fully owned by Pseudovalide, the Founder of the IFR Lead Group, and thus are the property of the IFR Lead Group. Group members have been managing the tournaments, became judges, and helped creating a good organisation. Being the largest tournaments of the sub-forum, the CIT Series have even managed to get seen by moderators of the Supercell community. Those tournaments have received globally very positive feedback throughout months.

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