The Necromancer's Tomb card idea pack is a list of card ideas made by LegionPL on January 30, 2017, which includes multiple cards : Zombies, Curse, Ghost, Vampire, Altar, and Necromancer.

The Altar has been entered in the first CIT.


Thread made on the 30th of January, 2017. Last edited on the 17th of March, 2017. It includes 6 cards. It received moderate feedback, with 37 replies.

The Altar ran in the first CIT, and was eliminated during the Judging Stage.

Thread Content

[New Arena] [Arena Card Pack] NECROMANCER'S TOMB

Necromancer’s Tomb [Arena Card Pack] (Now with pictures !) *All statistics require testing, please report if you see that something is wrong-balanced

Post Update:
~ leveling change to standard 10% update " {+ "
Zombies (aka Cursed Zombies)
New '''''Extended''''' version: 'Rare:
New '''''Extended''''' version: Ghost
New '''''Extended''''' version:[ ] Epic:
Short description:.
If no one attacks him (1,5 sec) then he transform into bat ( his speed rise to 80, he cannot be attacked by malee troops but also cannot attack, after he reach them he will transform back to his original form and attack)
attacking get 3% of opponent's life Hitpoints {+
Damage {+
Hit Bonus {+
Hitspeed: 1,4sec Advantages:
- Steals HP
- Rapid reaction force
- Can change between fly and ground form Disadvantages:
- Slow Hitspeed
- Easily distracted
Altar Short description:
Protect the unit(troops only) which recently received the greatest damage in the arena.
reduces damage by 25%)
Stop protection after receiving hit (strongest hit-normal, hit-protection, strongest hit-normal etc..)
Hitpoints {+
Boost {+ (25%)
Range {+
- A great help for units with a small amount of life
- Can distract enemy attention Disadvantages:
- Need to be built on the edges of fields
- Does not protect itself in any way
Necromancer []
Short description:
If he kills an opponent he will resurrect its versions with all statistics lowered by 55% (only common, rarer do epic) Hitpoints {+
Hitspeed {+
Damage {+ (30) Resurrect debility {+ Advantages:
-Properly supported can provide additional units Disadvantages:
-Weak attack reduces the chances of deal final blow
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This is the only pack of card ideas made by LegionPL.

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