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This page will be used to list all important events that happened in the IFR Subforum throughout months and the state of IFR through time.

Data for the Pre-January 2017 period was estimated and will not be as precise as the other information for other periods of time, since the IFR Lead Group and its main members were not in the subforum.

'State of IFR' represents how IFR worked during that period ; activity, popularity, good forumers, events and great ideas make the rating go higher  ;  inactivity, good forumers leaving, being inactive or getting banned, low amount of replies and high amount of bad quality threads make the rating go lower.
Scale : Golden Age > Excellent > Great > Good > OK > Mediocre > Bad > Terrible > Critical

Pre-January 2017 (2016)

State of IFR : Variable, mostly Good

Main Forumers : Ligimeon, NightmareX

Popular Forumers : TheDankPrince, LordVankous, QFighter, Harishmadhavan

We don't know much about the Pre-January 2017 period, but we know that the Creating your Card guide was made and that

January 2017

State of IFR : Excellent

Main Forumers : Pseudovalide, Zygarde

Popular Forumers : TheDankPrince, NightmareX, Archmage101, Bluballoon, Rockabye

January 2017 brought the key members of the upcoming IFR Lead Group and added members able to make awesome ideas such as the Ninja by Zygarde or the Dark Witch by Rockabye.

February 2017

State of IFR : Great

Main Forumers : Archmage101

Popular Forumers : Pseudovalide, TheDankPrince, NightmareX, Zygarde, Bluballoon

February 2017 strengthened the position of the January 2017 members into the subforum, with more ideas like the Dragon Lancer by Archmage - the subforum's undefeated champion.

March 2017

State of IFR : Excellent

Main Forumers : All IFR Lead Group founding members

Popular Forumers : NightmareX, MrPancakeGuy, Harishmadhavan, OperationGaming, Bemerry, Bmille3

March 2017 saw the IFR Lead Group getting created by its founding members : Pseudovalide, TheDankPrince, Zygarde, Rockabye, Archmage and Bluballoon. Some new forumers such as MrPancakeGuy or Bemerry joined the subforum. At this time, the subforum was really active.

April 2017

State of IFR : Golden Age

Main Forumers : Pseudovalide, Sammydict, Archmage101

Popular Forumers : MrPancakeGuy, Harishmadhavan, OperationGaming, Bemerry, Zygarde, TheOneTheyCallSmasher, Bmille3

The first CIT was created in April 2017. The Dragon Lancer won by a landslide and became the subforum's champion. Forumers such as Sammydict started making good ideas like the Gambit. The subforum was more active than it ever was before, with a great diversity of forumers and ideas entered in the CIT.

May 2017

State of IFR : Excellent

Main Forumers : Pseudovalide, Zygarde, MrPancakeGuy

Popular Forumers : NightmareX, Harishmadhavan, OperationGaming, Bemerry, TheOneTheyCallSmasher, Bmille3, KingBencent, AlphaWizard125, EnderHunter8

The second CIT was made in May 2017 ; it was larger than the first CIT and was won by Sammydict's Outlaw. MrPancakeGuy created the Mercenary and became one of the most well-known members in the IFR Lead Group. Bemerry started to establish himself as the forum's card idea balancer. EnderHunter8 became quite popular with his huge AMA gaining traction.

June 2017

State of IFR : Good

Main Forumers : Pseudovalide, MrPancakeGuy

Popular Forumers : OperationGaming, Bemerry, TheOneTheyCallSmasher, Bmille3, KingBencent, AlphaWizard125

The third CIT was made in June 2017 ; it was twice as big as the second CIT and ended with the controversial win of Sammydict's Rainmaker. MrPancakeGuy started to think about projects for the subforum. Enderhunter8 and Harish retired for a while ; they were still active, but not as much as before. Bemerry went inactive. TheDankPrince was banned from the forums.

July 2017

State of IFR : Bad

Main Forumers : Pseudovalide, MrPancakeGuy

Popular Forumers : OperationGaming, Bemerry, Sammydict, TheOneTheyCallSmasher, Bmille3, KingBencent

IFR Wikia (this) was created in July 2017 by MrPancakeGuy, helped by Pseudovalide. Some members of the IFR Lead Group started to work on it. While old forumers were leaving the subforum, no new promising ones were appearing.

August 2017

State of IFR : Terrible

Main Forumers : IFR Lead Group administration, NightmareX, Harishmadhavan

Popular Forumers : Bmille3, Zygarde, Snowberryy, OperationGaming, Bemerry

In August 2017, IFR Wikia got more inactive as some of the people working on it left the forums. Only a few forumers joined and stayed in the subforum, such as Snowberryy. IFR Spotlight was created and organised by the whole IFR Lead Group administration ; Harishmadhavan was interviewed and NightmareX nominated a lot.

September 2017 [in progress]

State of IFR : Critical

Main Forumers : MrPancakeGuy

Popular Forumers : Bmille3, Zygarde, Snowberry, NightmareX, Sammydict

IFR Spotlight 2 was made in September 2017 and MrPancakeGuy was chosen for an interview after a tie with NightmareX. TheOneTheyCallSmasher went inactive. Bemerry came back on the forums and started to help with IFR Spotlight. Snowberryy is preparing for retirement.

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